A Marketer with Technical Skills

Seems to me that many web designers and developers are technical people who don't really understand marketing. I like to think that I'm the opposite, a marketer first - who has learned technology as a way to drive business. This end goal - generating new business - is where I start all my projects and work backwards from there, with results to prove it.
A Marketer First

Beauty and Brains

Building an effective website requires left-brain creativity to design a beautiful website, and right-brain technical know-how to code the HTML and to program website features. I do both, which I guess makes me 'whole brained'. See examples of my Web Design and PHP / MySQL Programming projects. I'm also an expert with WordPress.
Building Websites

Getting (a lot of) the Right People

A beautiful website that doesn't get traffic has no value, but not all traffic is the same. As a Qualified AdWords Professional and proven Search Engine Optimization expert, I have helped many companies generate tons of business by generating a high volume of targeted visitors. View some examples of my AdWords and SEO projects.
Driving Traffic

It Just Keeps Getting Better

The famous quote "I know half of my marketing works, I just don't know which half" doesn't apply to web-marketing. Proper utilization of analytical and testing tools can continually improve Return on Investment of web-marketing. I use Google Analytics on virtually every website I build or market and also have lots of experience with Google Website Optimizer.
Improving Results

Results without Hassles? I'm your man.

If you need a web-marketing professional who knows what they are doing, provides real value, doesn't need hand-holding, and delivers on schedule, then look no further. I'd love to talk to you about your project(s) and I have little doubt that I could be of tremendous value to you. Learn more about Hiring Me.
Available for Hire

About Me

I’ve been a self-employed, full-time web-marketer for over 9 years.  I started with simple websites and have continuously learned new skills including PHP programming, AdWords, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and much more.  My technical skills combined with a lifetime of business experience gives me a real edge in web-marketing.

Latest Project: Colin Kane, Entertainer

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About the Business: Colin Kane is a stand up comedian and actor.

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